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THEBEAM was founded in 2015 in France with a goal of minimizing cycling accidents. The goal at the heart of everything THEBEAM does is to design, develop and deliver new ideas and solutions that improve rider safety through intelligent minimalist improvements.

The concepts, technologies and materials used are all developed through close collaboration between the best manufacturers and designers in South Korea and France.

Ongoing feedback from cyclists around the world provides THEBEAM with the raw data needed to inspire, justify and support a process of continuous product development and improvement.

A key aspect of the company's success is its skilled and committed employees. THEBEAM's diverse staff has experience and expertise in a wide range of fields, including industry, fashion, graphic design, CAD and polymer engineering, communications, marketing and brand ambassadorship. One thing they all have in common is an incredible passion for cycling.

THEBEAM has built a strong reputation for its signature blend of safety and style, and has expanded its operations to10 countries. THEBEAM has received several international awards for safety, design, innovation and business, including the Red Dot Award, one of the three most prestigious design awards in the world.

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